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About Us


We offer a range of two tier hutches, all with constant access to individual runs that are suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs. We can accommodate house rabbits and outdoor rabbits. All house rabbits have their own indoor runs with access to their own outdoor runs during the day if required .The building is insulated and heated during colder weather. Hamsters, mice and gerbils must be accommodated in their own cages. Outdoor rabbits can be accommodated either in a cooler building or in large outdoor runs with two tier hutches.


Rabbits and guinea pigs have their own runs attached to their indoor accommodation so they can come and go as they please, toys and tunnels are provided for your pets. Animals from different homes will not share any cages, runs or be allowed to mix at any time.

Health & Hygiene

All rabbits must be fully vaccinated and in good health otherwise we will refuse entry to our boarding facilities. If your pet has a long term medical condition we may be able to accommodate it, please ask .All cages and bowls are cleaned daily and cleaned and disinfected between each new boarder. During the summer months the cages are kept cool with fans and large mesh doors to protect against flying insects, but still allow plenty of air flow. During the winter months in cold weather heating is provided.
We will follow your pets normal feeding and exercising routine eliminating the additional stress of a changed routine. Your rabbit will be checked regularly for any signs of ill health or fly strike and prompt treatment sought if anything is wrong.